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Workers’ Compensation

Recover Health, Maintain Wealth after a Work Injury

You were just doing your job, and now you can’t. With the workers’ compensation attorneys of Barton, Hall & Schnieders, P.C., based in Oak Grove, Missouri, we can get you what you need to get by after a work injury, until you can recover and get back to work.

Workplace injuries can be caused by poor equipment maintenance, inadequate employee training, or hazardous conditions. Or, they can just result from a simple accident. Either way, the workers’ comp lawyers of Barton, Hall & Schnieders can simplify your experience as your advocate throughout the process of filing and recovery.

If you have been injured at work, we will help you file for workers’ compensation benefits in order to keep you afloat financially while you are on the mend. As workers’ comp statutes vary from state to state, our workers’ compensation attorneys are licensed to practice in both Missouri and Kansas.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers will interview witnesses, collect records, and deal with insurers and opposing counsel so you can focus on your health.

Injuries covered

  • On-the-job injuries resulting from defective equipment, hazardous workspace, or accident
  • Preexisting conditions, such as a back injury aggravated by work or during a lunch, coffee break, or work-sponsored activity
  • Diseases, if resulting from workplace exposure
  • Injuries cause work-related stress or mental/physical strain
  • Repetitive motion injuries

One of the first things you should understand about filing for workers’ compensation is you are not suing your employer. Do not be concerned with “biting the hand that feeds you,” as all companies are required to provide workers’ comp benefits as a mandatory benefit to their employees. Also, negligence is not an issue, not for you or your employer. Worker’s comp is similar to no-fault insurance.

At Barton, Hall & Schnieders, our attorneys have a combined 85 years of practice to draw upon when it comes to taking your case.

If you have suffered a work related injury, contact us or stop by our office in Oak Grove, Missouri, for a free initial consultation to discuss your legal needs. We accept credit card payments and, for your convenience, we are available to meet during evening hours and weekends by appointment.